Elias ANDREWS, b. 1819, Esex, England son of Daniel ANDREWS and ____ was married in 1850 in Essex, England to Eliza DAVEY, b. 1833 Essex, England, to Charles DAVEY and Sarah SALMON.

This couple had 2 children in Essex, England before migrating on the "Hooghly" in 1853 to Portland, S-W Victoria, Australia. Another seven children were born while they worked at "Muntham" Station in the 1850s, Mount Gambier in South Australia and Condah in South-West Victoria.

Eliza ANDREWS died at Condah, S-W Victoria in 1869 and it appears that her husband Elias ANDREWS and some of his children moved to NSW by 1874, when he selected land, some children later died.

Elias ANDREWS died in 1893 at Melbourne, Victoria.

Elias ANDREWS & Eliza DAVEY had the following known family:

  1. Daniel ANDREWS b. 1851, Essex, England, d. 1917, Kerang, Victoria, m. Mary HEMINGWAY c.1847-1929, b. Yorkshire, England, d. Kerang, Victoria.

  2. Sarah ANDREWS b. 1853, Essex, England; 1874 land selector Deniliquin district, NSW, d. 1897, NSW, m. George BELBIN 1852-1925.

  3. Mary Ann ANDREWS b. 1855, "Muntham" Station, S-W Victoria, d. 1940, Colac, Victoria, m. Thomas Donner RHODES 1850-1889

  4. Charles ANDREWS b. 1856, "Muntham" Station, S-W Victoria, d. 1882, Wilcania, NSW, Australia, m. Emmeline HEMINGWAY, b. Yorkshire, England, d. ...?...

  5. James ANDREWS b. 1859, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1863 (lost in the bush, Condah, S-W Victoria, Australia)

  6. Peter ANDREWS b. c.1861, Condah, S-W Victoria; carrier d. 1891, Wilcania, NSW.

  7. Hannah ANDREWS b. 1864, Gordon's (Moorabool River), Victoria, d. 1930, Colac, Victoria, m. Arthur Henry ELSTON c.1853-1924, b. London, England, d. Adelaide, South Australia.

  8. John ANDREWS b. c.1866, Hamilton, S-W Victoria, d. 1933, NSW, m. ..?...

  9. Elijah ANDREWS b. c.1868, Condah, S-W Victoria; stockman d. 1888, "Yandama" station, NSW.