Pennworld SK1070 Nomad Arabian

Overland Bus Journey (East - West) in 1977

Kathmandu, Nepal (1 Mar 1977) to London, England (11 May 1977)

SK1064 Trip Route in 1977

Pennworld CoachPewnnworld Coach
Celebrating at IstanbulCelebrating at Istanbul
Lunch at Aqaba, JordonLunch at Aqaba, Jordon

The bus trip of a lifetime!

A group of intrepid travellers from Australia, Canada, England, Holland, New Zealand and the US assembled in Kathmandu, the capital of the Himalayan Kindom of Nepal in February 1977.

Ahead for the group of 40, plus driver and tour leader was the longest bus trip in the world, 3 months from Kathmandu to London with basic accomodation of 2 man tents and cheap hotels.

Would it live up to information in the Pennworld brochure?

Pennworld Brochure 1977

Nomad Arabian - 72 days from $470

Ref: SK (dotted route on map)
Countries explored: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Irak, Persia (Iran), Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal.

Route and activities:Travelling by coach quickly through Europe, we pause for a day's swimming in the little Greek bay of Kavala. From Istanbul we slow down to explore the coast and beaches around Kusadasi, Antalya and Anlanya. Then cross into Syria to visit the great Krak des Chevaliers castle, Queen Zenobia's desert capital of Palmyra, and Damascus, the world's oldest town. In Jordan we head for the lost city of Petra, carved from red sandstone, one of the world's greatest archaelogical wonders. You can swim, scuba-dive, search for coral, in the Red Sea at Aqaba. Following the pipeline across the Great Syria Desert brings us to Baghdad of the 1001 Nights.Visit Babylon. Then over the border into Persia and Kermanshah, the carpet centre. We'll probably travel via Old Susa and the Ziggurat of Tochoga Zambil to Shiraz, Persepolis and Isfahan. Then heading north via Teheran, we cross the Elburz mountains within sight of Demavand peak (19,000 feet) to the holy city of Meshed. In Afganistan, Kandahar and Kabul will be our chief destinations. After our stay in Kashmir, we plan to take extra time in India to see the fabulous pnk city of Jaipur, en route to Kathmandu. In Nepal, we plan to camp in Chitwan National Park and make an elephant-back safari, spotting a wide range of wildlife, including rhino in particular. Flexibility and a keen eye on costs will be the keynote of our Nomad journey.

Age: Mainly 18 - 38.

Crew: Two, including tour leader.

Kitty:Allow between $3 and $5 a day to cover the costs of food, camp sites and accomodation which is not included. The journey is based on a mix of official and natural camp sites, with 'pension' or inexpensive hotels. Camping equipment is provided. Also allow a reasonable amount to cover sightseeing, entrance fees and guides (about $40 total).

Included: The land price includes overland travel by coach fitted with supplementary electro-magnetic brakes for mountain roads, heaters, and cassette-player. Ferries.

Westbound Kathmandu to London
Ref: SK1070
Depart Sydney - Feb 24
Depart Kathmandu - Mar 1
Arrive London - May 11
Land Price Only - $596
Land/Air Sydney or Melbourne Kathmandu London - $1198

Note: We travelled west, from Kathmandu to London

Published Book, Kathmandu to London by Bus

If you are ever searching through older book stores or a good library keep and eye out for the book:

The SK1070 group photograph at the Taj Mahal, India, 7th April, 1977

Group Photo 1977
Kathmandu to London, Overland with Pennworld, 1977
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Standing L-R:
Indian Guide, Ray, Ian (driver), Vicki, Greg, Brenda, Jeff, Peter, Inneka, Rowena, Graeme, Rosanne,
Martin, Audrey, Mick, Kim, Frank, Lindsay, Joanne, Chris, Derek (courier).
Middle L-R:
Janet, Daryl, Denis, Allan, Max, Ron, Lyn, Sue, Kathy, Tina, Sue, Marg, Mike.
Front L-R:
Max, Tony, Russell, John, Paul, Jan, Erica, Alan, Jenny.

"The SK1070 Journey" : Kathmandu (1 Mar 1977) to London (11 May 1977)

SK1070 Reunions

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Daryl & Erica Povey, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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