Hezekiah SIMMONS b. c1834, Shoreham, Kent, England son of Henry SIMMONS and Sarah WRIGHT arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in 1855.

Hezekiah was married in 1862 at Blakiston, South Australia to Lucy WILLIAMS, b. 1844, Swansea, Wales, daughter of Lewellyn WILLIAMS and Margaret WALKER and by 1863 they were living at Carpook in south-west Victoria where their first child was born.

A total of 7 children were born in this area from 1863-1873 with 4 of them dying from scarlet fever at Carapook in 1873 and then buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

The family them moved to Deniliquin, NSW where the next 5 children were born from 1874-1884.

Their last child was born at Mount Gambier, South Australia in 1886, perhaps when the family was visiting Lucy WILLIAM's parents who lived at Yahl.

Many of the family members appear to have later lived at Condobolin, NSW where Lucy died in 1904 and Hezekiah in 1912.

Hezekiah SIMMONS & Lucy WILLIAMS had the following known family:

  1. Henry SIMMONS b. 1863, Dundas, Vic, d. 1873 (Scarlet fever), Carapook, Vic.
  2. George SIMMONS b. 1864, Sandford, Vic, d. 1943 Sydney, NSW., m. Margaret Mary HARMER 1866-1935.
  3. Lewellyn SIMMONS b. 1866, Carapook, Vic, d. 1897 Condobolin, NSW.
  4. Margaret SIMMONS b. 1868, Carapook, Vic, d. 1873 (Scarlet fever), Carapook, Vic.
  5. Lucy SIMMONS b. 1869, Carapook, Vic, d. 1873 (Scarlet fever), Carapook, Vic.
  6. William SIMMONS b. 1871, Sandford, Vic, d. 1961 Dubbo, NSW.
  7. James SIMMONS b. 1873, Sandford, Vic, d. 1873 (Scarlet fever), Carapook, Vic.
  8. Margaret SIMMONS b. 1874, Deniliquin, NSW, d. 1946, Orange, NSW, m. William George HAYNES.
  9. Lucy SIMMONS b. 1877, Deniliquin, NSW, d. 1960, Condobolin, NSW.
  10. Henry Thomas SIMMONS b. 1880, Deniliquin, NSW, d. 1936, Manilla, NSW.
  11. Frederick SIMMONS b. 1882, Deniliquin, NSW, d. 1962, Condobolin, NSW.
  12. Henry James SIMMONS b. 1884, Deniliquin, NSW, d. 1965, Wellington, NSW.
  13. John Hezekiah SIMMONS b. 1886, Mount Gambier, SA, d. Burwood, NSW.