David HUTCHESON b. 1786, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland son of John HUTCHESON and ___ was married in 1816 at Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland to Isabella TAYLOR, b. 1794, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, daughter of George TAYLOR 1758-1828 and Mary LOW ~1768-1850.

David HUTCHESON died in Scotland before 1833, the year in which Isabella and some of her children emigrated to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). Isabella's parents, George & Mary TAYLOR with 6 of their children had emigtated from Perthshire, Scotland in 1822 and arrived in Van Diemen's land (Tasmania) in 1823 where they were granted land on the Macquarie River. Isabella HUTCHESON emigrated to Van Diemen's Land with three sons and a daughter, after the death of her husband David in 1833. In the 1840s this branch crossed over to Port Phillip where the family were graziers and millers in the Sandford and Hamilton areas. She died at Coleraine, south western Victoria in 1876 and was buried in the Sandford cemetery.

Jean MURRAY from Carapook, a descendant of this family wrote...

"1846 - In a letter written to Mr. G.R. ROBERTSON, 'Warrock', by Mr. George HUTCHESON saying he and his Mother and brother had arrived at 'Runnymede Station' the previous day, December 30th, 1845. Mrs HUTCHESON was the grandmother of the late Alexander MURRAY of 'Oaklands' Carapook and his daughter Jean Hutcheson MURRAY is writing up this history of Carapook and District as told to her by her Father and Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Alex MURRAY."

The HUTCHESON family occupied "Runnymede" & Mount Struan" Stations, near Sandford as mentioned in 'Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip' by Billis & Kenyon...

HUTCHESON Bros. (John, George and David):-Gr., 1842-8; Runnymede, Mar. 1846 to Nov. 1863; Mt. Struan, May 1848 to Nov. 1863; JOHN:-Mt. Struan, Nov. 1863 to Nov. 1866.

Don GARDEN in his book "Hamilton: A Western District History" mentions the HUTCHESON family and their involvement with flour milling in the area...

One significant result of the emergence of wheat growing was the opening of two flour mills near Hamilton. The first was planned in the early 1850s by John (c1819-70) and George HUTCHESON. They came from a family of millers in Perthshire, Scotland, and had emigrated with their mother and brother David to Van Diemen's Land. Crossing over to Port Phillip in the 1840s, they took up pastoral licences. In the early Grange land sales, John acquired blocks totalling about 350 acres on the Grange Burn about three kilometres west of the town. He and George took up the land for farming, but they also decided to build a steam flour mill. The machinery was ordered from Melbourne in 1853, and a four storey bluestone building was erected on the south side of the creek. Although the machinery was delivered in 1854, grinding did not start until the end of 1855 or the beginning of 1856. George seems to have run the mill at first, although after a few years he was killed by the kick from a horse. Initially they charged three shillings per bushell to grind flour brought by the local farmers. The mill was able to use water power when there was sufficient flow in the creek.

David HUTCHESON and Isabella TAYLOR had the following known family in Perthshire, Scotland:

  1. Mary HUTCHESON b. 1816, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, where she remained after the other family members emigrated.
  2. John HUTCHESON b. 1818, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, d. 1870, Hamilton, S-W Vic., m.1. 1858, "Warrock" Casterton, S-W Vic, to Ann YUILLE (nee ROBERTSON) 1813-1860, m.2 1861, Vic, to Mary McDONALD ~1841-1906 and they had the following known family...
    1. David George HUTCHESON b. 1863, Hamilton, S-W Vic., d. 1882
    2. John HUTCHESON b. 1864, Hamilton, S-W Vic., d. after 1906......
    3. William Robert HUTCHESON b. 1866, Hamilton, S-W Vic, d. 1920, Melbourne, Vic., m. 1890, Coleraine, S-W Vic, to Ada Florence THURMAN 1861-1912
    4. James Charles HUTCHESON b. 1867, Hamilton, S-W Vic, d. 1930, Sydney, NSW, m. 1896 to Mary Jane TOMKINS 1868-1946.
    5. Isabella HUTCHESON b. 1870, Hamilton, S-W Vic, d. 1892, Grafton, NSW. m. 1889, Robert HAMILTON 1864-1946.
  3. Christian HUTCHESON b. 1820, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, m. 1844, Sct to John MURRAY and they arrived in the Casterton district ca 1849.
  4. George HUTCHESON b. 1822, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, d, 1957, Sandford, S-W Victoria after being kicked by a horse.
  5. Jane "Jeanie" HUTCHESON b. 1824, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, d. 1864, Portland, S-W Vic., m. 1849, Victoria to Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS 1820-1867.
  6. David HUTCHESON b. 1825, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, d. 1870, "Runnemede" Station, Sandford, S-W Victoria.