George ELLIOTT 1819-1878, b. Kent, England, son of William ELLIOTT and Sarah ___ was married in 1852 in Kent, England to Mary WHITE 1829-1912, b. Kent, England, daughter of Thomas WHITE and ___.

George & Mary ELLIOTT emigrated from England in November 1852 and arrived at Portland, Victoria, Australia in April, 1853 aboard the "Eliza" with their first child being born on the voyage.

After their arrival at Portland George and Mary ELLIOTT were employed at "Merino Downs" Station, then "Wando Vale" Station and "Wando dale" Station and later at "Koolomert" Station near Harrow on the Glenelg River, where additional children were born. The ELLIOT family selected land at Telangutuk, near Balmoral before 1878, where both parents,

George and Mary ELLIOTT died in 1878 and 1912 respectively and were buried in the Balmoral Cemetery.

George ELLIOTT & Mary WHITE had the following known family....

  1. Elizabeth ELLIOTT 1853-1887, b. on board the ship "Eliza", d. Merino, Victoria, m. 1877 to John "Jack" DAVIS 1852-1901. (3 children at Merino before Elizabeth died and "Jack" remarried)
  2. George ELLIOTT 1854-1921, b. "Merino Downs", Victoria, d. Harrow, Victoria, m. 1883 to Ann Jane Henrietta LAIRD 1865-1936. (10 childen at Tarrayoukyan.)
  3. Thomas ELLIOTT 1856-1929, b. "Wando Vale", Victoria, d. Balmoral, Victoria, m. 1881 to Maria JASPER 1856-1935. (4 children at Balmoral)
  4. Henry ELLIOTT 1858-1929, b. "Wando Vale", Victoria, d. Balmoral, Victoria, m. 1887 to Catherine Clara HEATH 1869-1951. (5 children at Balmoral)
  5. John ELLIOTT 1861-1944, b. Harrow, Victoria, d. Hamilton, Victoria, m. 1891 to Eliza Ann Harriet WRIGHT 1869-1941. (6 children at Hamilton & Penshurst)
  6. Mary ELLIOTT 1864-1944, b. "Koolomert", Victoria, d. Edenhope, Victoria, m. 1886 to Samuel George MARSH 1861-1918. (1 child at Harrow)
  7. Charles ELLIOTT 1867-1944, b. Harrow, Victoria, d. Casterton, Victoria, m. Rosaline Elizabeth MARSH 1869-1952. (8 children at Tarrayoukyan)
  8. Sarah ELLIOTT 1871-1952, b. Harrow, Victoria, d. Horsham, Victoria, m. 1890 to Alexander SELKIRK 1866-1948. (9 children at Horsham)