Patrick AYLMER 1829-1894, b. Newry, Co Down, Ireland, son of Patrick AYLMER and Ann DODD; d. "Murndal" Station, Tahara, Victoria; married in 1855, Co Down, Ireland to Margaret FLEMING 1839-1906, b. Kildare, Co, Down, Ireland, daughter of ___ and ___; d. Tahara, Victoria.

Patrick & Margaret AYLMER along with their first child Mary, arrived as assisted migrants, at Portland, Victoria in 1857 on the "Mary Ann". Patrick was a carpenter by trade and had been engaged in Ireland by Mr Samuel Pratt WINTER of "Murndal" Tahara, near Merino, Victoria when on a trip back to Ireland.

Patrick & Margaret AYLMER purchased a land allotment at Tahara in 1869 and they raised a large family in the area.

Patrick and Margaret AYLMER are both buried in the Coleraine cemetery, Victoria, Australia

Patrick AYLMER & Margaret FLEMING had the following known family....

  1. Mary AYLMER 1855-1935, b. Newry, Co Down, Ireland; d. Branxholme, Victoria; m. 1877 Hamilton, Victoria to Dryden BROWN 1857-1946, b. Deloraine, Tasmania; d. Coleraine, Victoria; family of 9 born 1878-1896 at Branxholme, Victoria.
  2. Patrick AYLMER 1858-1928, b. Tahara (N of Merino), Victoria; d. Tahara, Victoria; m. 1892 to Isabella Ellen McLENNAN 1863-1927, b. Digby, Victoria to Murdoch McLENNAN and Catherine McKAY; d. Tahara, Victoria; 3 children.
  3. Margaret AYLMER 1860-1934, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1891 to Frederick Hermann PASSING c.1858-1934, b. Germany (Prussia); d. Alexandra, Victoria; 3 children.
  4. Catherine AYLMER 1862-1939, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1889 Hamilton, Victoria to John James CARLIN 1861-1917, b. Co Londonderry, Ireland to James CARLIN and Jane STEWART; Dairyman at Condah Swamp (1900), Settler on Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme (1900); d. Wando Vale (near Casterton), Victoria; 6 children.
  5. James Patrick AYLMER 1864-1943, b. "Murndal" Station, Tahara, Victoria, "Murndal" employee 1874-1904; dairy farm manager at Korumburra, Victoria from 1904; d. Castlemaine, Victoria; m. 1887, Victoria to Annie MARTIN c.1857-1912, b. Middlesex, England to Henry MARTIN and Charlotte GOLDIMAN; d. Korumburra, Victoria; 6 children with births reg at Condah & Branxholme, Victoria who all attended Tahara State School before the family moved to Korumburra (South Gippsland), Victoria in 1904...
    1. Frederick James AYLMER 1888-1912, b. Condah, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria
    2. Cecil AYLMER 1889-1936, b. Condah, Victoria; d. Korrumburra, Victoria; m. 1911 Victoria to Mary PRESTON 1890-1970, b. Avoca, Victoria to Michael PRESTON and Mary Ann UNDERWOOD; d. Korumburra, Victoria; 3 children
    3. Grace Evelyn AYLMER 1891-1963, b. Branxholme, Victoria; d. Ballarat, Victoria; m. 1913 Kerang, Victoria to George RAVEN 1894-1960, b. Poowong, Victoria to Frederick Willam RAVEN and Caroline DITTERICH; d. Ballarat, Victoria; 2+? children
    4. Frances Mary AYLMER 1893-1977, b. Branxholme, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1919, Victoria to Alfred RAVEN 1892-1970, b. Poowong, Victoria to Frederick Willam RAVEN and Caroline DITTERICH; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 1+? children
    5. Patrick AYLMER 1894-1912, b. Branxholme, Victoria; d. Korumburra, Victoria
    6. George AYLMER 1896-1980, b. Branxholme, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1925 Victoria to Eileen Annie WYATT 1895-1955, b. Williamstown, Victoria to Reuben WYATT and Jessie McINTOSH; d. Melbourne, Victoria; [1 child : Jessie AYLMER 1927-2020]; George enlisted and served in WW1...
      • 9 Dec 1915 : Pte 4051, enlisted in the AIF in WW1
      • 2 Feb 1916 : Pte 4051, appointed to 24th Battalion, AIF reinforcements
      • 7 Mar 1916 : Pte 4051, embarked on the "Wiltshire" at Melbourne, Victoria
      • Apr 1916-Jan 1917, served as Drv 4051, 5th Division Ammunition Column, AIF (Egypt & France)
      • Jan 1916-1919, served as Drv 4051, 12th Field Artillery Brigade, AIF (France & England)
      • 2 Jul 1919 : Pte 4051, disembarked from the "Port Napier" at Melbourne, Victoria

  6. Martha Agnes AYLMER 1866-1958, b. Tahara (N of Merino), Victoria; d. Merino, Victoria; m. 1907 to Alexander CLARK _?_-1930, b. Scotland, son of __?__; d. Tahara, Victoria; both buried Coleraine Cemetery.
  7. Ellen "Nellie" AYLMER 1868-1894, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. "murndal" Tahara, Victoria.
  8. Annie Theresa AYLMER 1871-1921, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m. 1898 to Alfred ARDEN 1853-1929, b. "Hilgay" Station, Coleraine to Alfred ARDEN and Margaret FULTON; farmer of Carapook (Muntham), Victoria in 1898; d. 1929, Hamilton, Victoria. 2 children.
  9. Alice AYLMER 1873-1968, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  10. Francis Russell AYLMER 1876-1916, b. Coleriane, Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m. 1902 to Euphemia Elizabeth URQUHART 1884-1965, b. Coleraine, Victoria to Thomas URQUHART and Mary Jane PERRY; d. Coleraine, Victoria; 3 children.
  11. Charles AYLMER 1879-1962, b. Coleraine, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1901 to Elizabeth Rose JAMIESON 1882-1957, b. Hamilton, Victoria to Joseph David JAMIESON and Phoebe Catherine WILSON; d. Hamilton, Victoria; 8 children.
  12. John James AYLMER 1881-1961, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1910 to Gertrude Mary DAWSON 1877-1960, b. melbourne, Victoria to Henry George DAWSON and Ellen PHILLIPS; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 3 children.