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A page containing some links to web pages with maps connected with South West Victoria, Ballarat, its surrounding areas of Victoria, Australia and the world.

Australian Place Names & Maps

Gazeteer of Australia Place Name Search
The Gazetteer of Australia 2010 contains more than 322,000 geographic names in Australia provided by members of the Committee for Geographic Names of Australasia.

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Modern maps and more of Australia and the world

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1885 Maps of Counties of South West Victoria

The links below will take you to maps of the individual counties covering the south west and western areas of the state of Victoria adjoing the above areas of Central Victoria.

South Western Victoria - from Portland to Hamilton covering the counties of Normanby, Follett & Dundas
Borung - (Horsham, Stawell)
Dundas - (North of Hamilton)
Follett - (West of Casterton)
Hampden - (Mortlake, Camperdown)
Heytesbury - (South of Camperdown)
Lowan - (West of Horsham)
Normanby - (Portland, Port Fairy & north to Hamilton)
Ripon - (Ararat)
Villiers - (Warrnambool, north to Dunkeld)

1885 Maps of Counties around Ballarat

The links below will take you to maps of the individual counties surrounding the Ballarat area circa 1885. (File sizes of maps are shown in brackets)

Ballarat Region - shows the surrounding counties (157 kb)
Bendigo - Sandhurst, Kangaroo Flat, N of Ballarat (144 kb)
Bourke - E of Ballarat to Melbourne (125 kb)
Dalhousie - Kyneton, Malmesbury, Woodend, NE of Ballarat (123 kb)
Gladsone & Kara-Kara - St Arnaud, Dunolly, NW of Ballarat (199kb)
Grant & Grenville - Smythesdale, Buninyong, S to Geelong (137 kb)
Ripon - Ararat, Beaufort, Wickliffe, W of Ballarat (94 kb)
Rodney - Echuca, Rushworth, E of Bendigo (114 kb)
Talbot - Creswick, Castlemaine, N of Ballarat (112 kb)

Australia : External Map Links

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The World : External Map Links

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