Joseph POVEY b. 1811, Wotton-under-edge, Gloucestershire, England, son of Thomas POVEY and Ann GREY arrived at Portland Bay from Van Diemen's Land in December 1846 and worked as a splitter and shepherd at Glenaulin, Deep Creek, Dartmoor, Rifle Downs before selecting land at Tea Kettle Creek (Digby-Dartmoor), Victoria.

Joseph POVEY was married at Portland, Victoria in 1855 to Anne LIVINGSTONE, b. c1822 Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland, daughter of Adam LIVINGSTONE and Margaret "Peggy" McDONALD.

Anne LIVINGSTONE appears to have been a grand-daughter of Donald LIVINGSTONE 1728-1816 of Savary, Morvern, Argyllshire who saved the STEWART Banner at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. This Donald LIVINGSTONE died at Savary, aged 88y, in 1816. Adam LIVINGSTONE, Anne's father was recorded as a miller of Savary, Argyllshire on Anne's 1855 marriage certificate at Portland, S-W Victoria, Australia.

Joseph and Anne POVEY had five children including twin boys Thomas and George b. 1855, Adam Livingstone b. 1857, Elizabeth Anne b. 1859 and Sophia Grey b. 1862, in the Drumborg and Greenwald area between Heywood & Dartmoor, S-W Victoria, Australia.

Joseph's first wife Anne LIVINGSTONE died from TB at Dartmoor in 1866 as did two of their sons George and Adam, both of whom buried in the Digby Cemetery. Elizabeth who married Samuel YOUNG is also buried in the Digby Cemetery.

Joseph was working as shepherd at "Rifle Downs" Station when he selected 97 acres at Teakettle Creek near "Rifle Downs" on the Digby - Dartmoor Road. He built a house and established his farm which was expanded by his eldest surviving son Thomas.

Joseph's second marriage was to a widow, Johanna COOPER (nee McCARTHY) from Digby in 1875 when they were in the 70s and they are both buried in the Digby Cemetery.

Joseph's eldest son Thomas POVEY married Rachel BURGESS at St John's Church of England, Digby in 1894 and their first three children, George, Ernest and Les were born in Digby before the family moved to a property called "Tulse Hill" at Carapook c1900 where Thomas POVEY was the overseer for many years, until his death in 1918.

George POVEY has a tree in the WW1 Soldiers' Avenue as he was born in Digby and served with the 1st AIF (46th Battalion) in France.

Joseph POVEY and Anne LIVINGSTONE had the following family:

  1. Thomas Joseph POVEY, b. 1855 (twin) Drumborg, Heywood, S-W Vic., d. 1918, Casterton Hospital, S-W Vic., m. Rachel Annie BURGESS 1868-1923, b. Digby, S-W Vic., d. 1923, Coleraine, S-W Vic. Thomas & Rachel POVEY had the following family at Digby, "Tulse Hill" & Carapook, S-W Victoria...
    1. George Thomas POVEY, b. 1895, Digby, Victoria, d. 1929, Hamilton, Victoria, m. Olive Emily Mary OWENS 1891-1975
    2. Leslie Livingstone POVEY, b. 1896, Digby, Vic, d. 1976, Hamilton, Victoria, m. Ada Victoria TATCHELL 1897-1951;
    3. Ernest Arthur POVEY, b. 1898, Digby, Victoria, d. 1965, Warrnambool, Victoria, m. Lucy Ann McCALLUM 1901-1969;
    4. Alice May POVEY, b. 1900, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1970, Coleraine, Victoria, m. Leslie ANSON 1898-1981;
    5. Ivan Frederick POVEY, b. 1903, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1981, Macedon, Victoria, m. Margaret Ruth "Peg" GILBO 1901-1979;
    6. Walter Joseph POVEY, b. 1905, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1983, Coleraine, Victoria, m. Meta Agnes GRINHAM 1906-1984;
    7. stillborn POVEY, b & d. 1907, Carapook, Victoria;
    8. Alan Keith POVEY, b. 1909, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1984, Casterton, Victoria, m. Amy Victoria DAVIES 1912-1990 of Sandford, Victoria.;
      • WW2, 2nd Tank Battalion & 4th Port Operating Company, New Guinea
    9. Norman James POVEY, b. 1911, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1995, Geelong, Victoria, m. Grace Elizabeth WAREHAM 1909-?;
    10. Murray Burgess POVEY, b. 1913, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1988, Portarlington, Victoria, m. Meryl Jean "Merle" WALKER 1914-1999 (operated POVEY's Store at Merino, Victoria);
    11. Sylvia Annie POVEY, b. 1916, Carapook, Victoria, d. 2005, Casterton, Victoria. (Carapook Post Mistress, single).

  2. George POVEY, b. 1855 (twin), Drumborg, Victoria, d. 1875, Teakettle Creek, nr Digby, Victoria;

  3. Adam Livingston POVEY, b. 1857, Greenwald, Victoria, d. 1873, Teakettle Creek, nr Digby, Victoria;

  4. Elizabeth Ann POVEY, b. 1859, Greenwald, Victoria, d. 1923, Hamilton, Victoria, m. Samuel Evans YOUNG 1846-1925;

  5. Sophia Grey POVEY, b. 1862, Greenwald, Victoria, d. 1904, Stawell, Victoria, m. George MOULDEN 1858-1942 and they had the following children...;
    1. Annie Povey MOULDEN, b. 1890, Goroke, Victoria, d. 1934 Port Pirie, South Australia, m. Richard Thomas "Dick" LAWRY 1878-1934;
    2. Jessie Townsend MOULDEN, b. 1895, Horsham, Victoria, d. 1965, Melbourne, Victoria (single).