John McPHEE, b. ca 1828, Isle of Skye, son of John mcPHEE and Christine GILLIES and his wife Ann McLEOD b. c1835 Isle of Skye, dau of Alexander McLEOD and Marion BEATON arrived at Portland on the "New Zealander" in 1853 and were employed by Alexander SWAN of "Ardgarton" Station, near Digby at a rate of 70 pounds with rations for a period of 12 months in December 1853.

John and Ann McPHEE died at Dergholm and are buried in the Dergholm Cemetery.

John and Ann McPhee had the following family:

  1. Donald McPHEE, b 1855 Sandford House, mar Marion BEATON
  2. John McPHEE, b 1856 Casterton, Vic
  3. Alexander McPHEE, b. 1858 Harrow, Vic
  4. Sarah Beaton McPHEE, b. 1860 Harrow, Vic mar Norman McDONALD
  5. Angus McPHEE, b. 1862 Harrow, Vic
  6. Christina McPHEE, b. 1865 Merino, Vic
  7. Norman McPHEE, b. 1868 Merino, Vic