Augustus Christian Ferdinand LACKMANN, (b. 1820, Hanover, Germany, d. 1887 Casterton, Victoria) settled in Digby circa 1851 and had a family of 13 children.

He was married in 1850 at Portland, S-W Victoria to Sarah ROGERS (b. 1830 Tasmania, d. 1866 Digby, Vic) daughter of William ROGERS from Sandford, an ex-army bootmaker and his wife Sarah CRAIG.

He was a farmer, store-keeper & hotel-keeper of Digby.

His first wife Sarah, died at Digby in 1866 after giving birth to twins and is buried in the Digby cemetery.

He died at casterton in 1887 and is buried in the Digby cemetery.

Augustus LACKMANN & Sarah ROGERS had the following children:

  1. Augustus William LACKMANN (1851-), m. Florence Emma CLARKE

  2. Francis LACKMANN (1853-)

  3. Frederick Henry LACKMANN, b. ca 1855, Mt Rowse, Vic, mar. Caroline Elizabeth PAYNE;
    1. Charlotte Payne LACKMANN, b. 1883, Kaniva, Vic;

    2. Augustus Charles Henry LACKMANN, b. 1884, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1917, Belgium
      • WW1 1st AIF, 27th Battalion, enlisted 15-03-1916
      • KIA, 20-09-1917, Belgium
      • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 90, planted by Mr J CLANCY

    3. Herbert James LACKMANN , b. 1887, Kaniva, Vic, d. 1894;

    4. Royal Henry LACKMANN, b. 1893, Kaniva, Vic.

  4. Mary Miriam LACKMANN (1856-) b. Hamilton, m. James GLANCY

  5. Charles Albert LACKMANN (1858-) b. Penshurst, Vic, m. Kate Flora Augusta YELLAND

  6. Sarah Louisa LACKMANN b. 1860, Digby, S-W Victoria, d, 1957, Sydney, NSW, m. 1883 at Digby, S-W Vic., to James HOUSTON 1861-1953, school teacher, b. SA, died Sydney, NSW.

  7. Elizabeth Hortense LACKMANN (1862-1863) b. & d. Digby

  8. Clara Augusta LACKMANN (1862-1863) b. & d. Digby

  9. John Alexander LACKMANN (1864-) b. Digby, Vic, m. Jane Charlotte REEVES

  10. Clara Augusta LACKMANN (1866-1866) b. & d. Digby

  11. Elizabeth Hortense LACKMANN (1866-1866) b. & d. Digby

Augustus Christian Ferdinand LACKMANN 1820-1887 & Anne ROWE c1834-1892

Christian's first wife Sarah died in 1866 and he remarried in 1867 at Digby to Anne ROWE, b. c1834 Devon, England, daughter of James ROWE and Dinah MURCH. Christian & Anne had two children:

  1. James Augustus LACKMANN (1869- ) b. Digby

  2. Florence Annie Emma LACKMANN (1872- ) b. Digby

Lyn BATESON wrote:

I don't know much about Digby except that my husband's Great Great Grandfather and G.G.Grandmother lived and died there. Christian Augustus Ferdinand Lackmann from Hamburg, Germany emigrated to Victoria with his mother, I think, and a John Jackson, possibly his real father prior to 1850. He married a Sarah Rogers born c 1830 in Tasmania to William & Sarah Rogers. William was a Bootmaker in the Army but left for Victoria to settle in Sandford. Here Sarah met Christian Lackmann and they married in St Stephens Anglican Church, Portland on 1/05/1850. They had 11 children including two sets of twins. During the last birth of twins, Sarah died on 18/06/1866 and was buried in the Digby cemetery.

Christian remarried in 1867 to Anne Rowe and they had another son. Christian died on 28/05/1887 and was also buried in theDigby cemetery. His oldest son, Augustus William Lackmann , born in Digby on 12/04/1851, married Florence Emma Clarke in 1876 in Digby. She was born in Harrow on 15/08/1858 where most of her family lived and died. Her parents were Daniel George Clarke and Sarah Morley. That family is another story. Augustus and Florence had 12 children but they moved to Melrose Station in N.S.W. to work and then settled at Kaniva where the oldest child, Sarah Augusta Lackmann married a James Bateson on 13/03/1901 and had three sons. James Bateson was actually born at Sandford when his parents, Elias and Margaret Bateson nee Pincott were living at Henty Creek. They had married in Casterton on 29/12/1859, and that is another story. They then moved north to Miram Piram where they were farmers.

1860 - 1866 Christian LACKMANN listed as a farmer from Digby.

1864 - A. C. F. LACKMANN listed as Chief Ranger for Court Perseverance No 3319, Ancient Order of Foresters at Digby.

1869 - listed as a Victualler of Digby

1872 - listed as a Hotelkeeper of Digby

1875 - Christian LACKMANN was recorded as being a storekeeper in Digby.