Joseph Johnston Bell PEARSON 1840-1922, was a son of John PEARSON b. 1800, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland, son of Joseph PEARSON & Marion JOHNSTON was married in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1831 to Mary SIMPSON, b. 1800, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland, daughter of David SIMPSON & Mary JARVEY. Mary SIMPSON was an elder sister of Sir James Young SIMPSON 1811-1870, knighted for his discovery of the anaesthetic properties of chloroform and successfully introduction of it for general medical use.

John & Mary PEARSON had at least three children in Scotland before emigration. Another child was born on the voyage in 1840 and the family arrived in Van Diemen's Land from Scotland later that year.

John & Mary PEARSON had a property at Campbell Town, Van Diemen's Land where their last child was born in 1843.

John & Mary PEARSON sailed from George Town, Van Diemen's Land for Portland Bay, Colony of Port Philip on the "Minerva" on 4 Jun 1846. This may have been when John brought his family to Port Philip as the records indicate he had occupied "Refuge" Pastoral Run, north-west of Casterton in 1844.

John PEARSON occupied, owned or leased the following Pastoral Runs in south-west Victoria....

Joseph Johnston Bell PEARSON was the child referred to above as being born in 1840, at sea, on the voyage from Scotland to Van Diemen's Land. He is reported to have been born of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. In 1844 he came with his father from van Diemen's Land to the Glenelg in S-W Victoria when the "Retreat" and "Refuge" Pastoral Runs was occupied.

Joseph Johnston Bell PEARSON married Mary Holdich ABBOTT, b. 1852, Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, daughter of Thomas ABBOTT and Martha Elizabeth HOLDICH, at Ballarat, Victoria in 1877. He leased the "Muntham" Estate from the executors of Edward HENTY's estate for 5 years form 1879-1884, as mentioned in the following article....

"The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Wednesday, 18th December 1878.
Today commenced the most important sale perhaps, ever held in the Western district, the stock of the oldest--the first--station in Victoria having been advertised for sale on the 17th and 18th inst. to-day and to-morrow. This sale arises from the fact of the estate of Muntham having been let for a period of five years by the executors of the late Edward Henty to Mr Joseph Pearson, at a rent of 6s. 7d., and preparatory to the lessee entering into possession on the 1st January, it was decided to hold a general clearing sale of the entire stock of sheep, cattle, horses, &c. The auctioneers were Messrs Bree, Dickens, and Co, of Hamilton, and Messrs King and Cuningham, of Melbourne. Mr Bree sold the sheep, and Mr King sold the cattle. About 500 or 600 people attended the sale. The proportion of buyers in that number formed but a small percentage. The prices realised for sheep, which were not a first-class lot were on the whole remakably good. The whole of them, over 33,000 were disposed of. The whole of the cattle were not got through to-day ; the residue will be sold tomorrow, together with the horse stock. The following list will give an idea of the prices realised :--Flock ewes realised from 5s. 8d. to 6s. 3d., stud ewes, shorn, realised 13s. 7d. ; cheviot wethers averaged about 5s. 6d. The rams did not realise first class prices ; cheviots were not eagerly sought after. In cattle, 6th Duke of Brunswick was sold to Mr Thomas Henty for 150 guineas ; 13th Duke of Derrimut to Mr. N. D. O. Wills for 65 guineas ; pedigreed heifers, up to 17 10s. ; store bullocks up to 4 12s. 6d. ; fat, to 6. The cattle were chiefly purchased for South Australia.

Joseph Johnston Bell PEARSON & Mary Holdich ABBOTT had the following family...

  1. Frank Norman PEARSON b. 1877, Streatham, Vic, d. 1971, ...., Victoria, m. 1905 Elsie Caroline CLARIDGE 1882-1952.
  2. Sidney Evan PEARSON b. 1879, Streatham, Vic, d. 1953, Qld, m. 1920, Qld to Isabel marguerire Mary SKIPPER.
  3. Marion Josephine PEARSON b. 1881, "Muntham" Station, Vic, d. 1935, Hamilton, Victoria.
  4. Leslie Learmonth PEARSON b. 1884, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1957, Qld, m. 1921, Frances Lilian ALEXANDER.
  5. Alan Holdich PEARSON b. 1886, Macarthur, Vic, d. 1926, Qld.