William John SMITH, b. 1843, Timboon area, Victoria, son of John SMITH and Sarah Jane LOVE was married in 1862 to Ellen SUTTON, b. 1840 Co Wicklow, IRL, dau of Henry SUTTON and Mary HARRIS.

Ellen SUTTON's sister, Alice Alicia SUTTON (1833-1901) married William WILLIAMSON and was also at "Muntham" Station in the 1860s.

Their first four chidren were born in the 1860s at "Muntham" Station or nearby in south-west Victoria. The family later moved north to the Horsham, Hopetoun & Rainbow area of the state.

William John SMITH and Ellen SUTTON had the following known family...

  1. Mary Hannah SMITH b. 1863, "Muntham" Station. Vic, m. Alexander Simpson STEWART
  2. Ellen SMITH b. 1865, "Muntham" Station, Vic, m. Thomas Sanders KITSON
  3. Sarah Jane SMITH b. 1867, Gritjurk (nr Coleraine), Vic, m. Charles Stuart Brown McFARLANE
  4. Elizabeth SMITH b. 1868, Coleraine, Vic, m. John Henry BARNES
  5. William John SMITH b. 1870, Co Dundas, Vic, d. 1946, Swan Hill, Vic
  6. George SMITH b. 1872, Heywood, Vic, d. 1939, Hopetoun, Vic
  7. Blanche SMITH b. 1874, Kalkee, Vic, m. Duncan Archibald McMILLAN
  8. Wilford Robert SMITH b. 1876, Horsham, Vic, d. 1894, Beulah, Vic
  9. Ethel SMITH b. 1879 , Kalkee, Vic, m. Edward Richardson CAMPBELL
  10. Frances Evelina SMITH b. 1882, Natimuk, Vic, m. George Henry HOBSON
  11. Walter Alexander SMITH b. 1884, Natimuk, Vic, ______ ?