James REECE, b. c1828, Staffordshire, England, son of George REECE and Maria LEECH arrived in Victoria on the "Mary Ann" in January 1857. Also on the "Mary Ann" was the McBEAN family including 18 year old Ann McBEAN, b. 1838, Renfrewshire, Scotland, daughter of William McBEAN & Ann ROBERTSON.

James REECE and Ann McBEAN married later in 1857 at Branxholme, Victoria and then appear to have moved to "Muntham Station" at Carapook. The McBEAN family also settled at Carapook.

James REECE signed an 1865 letter applying for school aid for Bruk Bruk (Carapook) School.

Ann REECE (nee McBEAN) died at Goroke in 1895 and James REECE died at Noradjuha, near Goroke in 1907.

James REECE and Ann McBEAN had the following known family...

  1. George REECE b. 1858, Casterton district, Victoria, Australia, d. 1931, Mannum, South Australia, m. Adelaide Constance THORNE 1873-1950.
  2. William REECE b. 1860, Casterton district, Victoria, Australia, d. 1909, Glenburnie, nr Mount Gambier, South Australia (unmarried).
  3. Ann REECE b. 1863, "Muntham Station", Carapook, Victoria, Australia, d. 1969, Portland, Victoria, m. Edward BOYLE 1861-1933.
  4. Maria Leech REECE b. 1882, Miniway (nr Goroke), Victoria, Australia, d. 1980, Melbourne, Victoria, m. Francis Edward EVANS 1869-1931.