John OWENS, b. 1860, Yarra Bend, Victoria, son of Joseph OWENS and Rachel GARDINER was married in 1881 in Victoria to Elizabeth HILLIER, b. 1864 Dandenong, Victoria daughter of Samuel HILLIER and Jane CLARK.

John & Elizabeth OWENS had two children before Elizabeth died in 1885 and John remarried in 1887 to Emily FRANKLIN, b. 1865, Kilmore, Victoria, daughter of Richard FRANKLIN and Charlotte SEVIOUR.

John & Elizabeth had many children at Whittlesea before moving to Carapook in south-west Victoria in the early 1900s. John & Emily OWENS are buried in the Casterton Cemetery.

John OWENS & Elizabeth HILLIER had the following family:

  1. Elizabeth Ethel OWENS b. 1882, Upper Plenty, Vic, m. Thomas BELL;

  2. Frederick John OWENS b. 1884, Plenty, Vic;

John OWENS & Emily FRANKLIN had the following family:

  1. Bertie August OWENS b. 1888, Whittlesea, Vic, m. Vera REMINGTON;

  2. Thomas Henry OWENS b. 1889, Whittlesea, Vic, single, lived at Merino, Vic, buried in Merino Cemetery in 1958;

  3. Olive Emily Mary OWENS b. 1891, Whittlesea, Vic, m. George Thomas POVEY;

  4. William Alfred 'Bill' OWENS b. 1893, Whittlesea, Vic, m. Irene Mary COTTER, lived at Carapook & Merino;

  5. Richard Ernest OWENS b. 1895, d. 1896, Whittlesea, Vic;

  6. Leslie Roy OWENS b. 1897, Whittlesea, Vic, m. Martha Emily May YOUNG;

  7. Ellen Ruby OWENS b. 1900, Whittlesea, Vic, m. Arthur Edward YOUNG;

  8. Edward Alexander OWENS b. 1902, Whittlesea, Vic, m. Ruby WALKER, lived at Merino, Vic;

  9. Myrtle Ivy OWENS b. 1905, Whittlesea, Vic, m. Donald COTTER;

  10. Eric Francis OWENS b. 1908, d. 1908, Whittlesea, Vic;