Thomas MOYLAN c.1843-1921, b. Co Clare, Ireland son of Patrick MOYLAN and Mary CURTAIN, d. Nhill, Victoria; married in 1868 at Carapook, S-W Victoria to Mary Ann CARMICHAEL 1849-1923, b. "Chetwynd" Station, S-W Victoria, daughter of George CAMICHAEL & Susan NASH, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria.

Thomas MOYLAN & Mary Ann CARMICHAEL had the following known family...

  1. George Patrick MOYLAN b. 1869, Casterton, Vic, m. Ellen Elizabeth REID
  2. Mary MOYLAN b. 1871, Casterton, Vic, m. Malcolm McNeil, FERGUSON
  3. Thomas John MOYLAN b. 1873, Casterton, Vic, ____?
  4. Isabella 'Elizabeth' Carmichael MOYLAN b. 1875, Casterton, Vic, m. Archibald John McMILLAN
  5. William James MOYLAN b. 1876, Casterton, Vic, m. Kezia REES
  6. Margaret Elizabeth MOYLAN b. 1879, Casterton, Vic, m. Samuel Reid DOLMAN
  7. Rhoda Alice MOYLAN b. 1881, Casterton, Vic, m. William John PIDWELL
  8. Arthur MOYLAN 1886-1973, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Queensland, Australia, m. 1911 Hamilton, Victoria to Ada Jane MURTAGH 1883-1937, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Queensland, Australia, daughter of Patrick MURTAGH and Margaret SHAW.
  9. Albert Henry MOYLAN b. 1888, Branxholme, Vic, m. Laura Estella Alma CLINNICK
  10. Kathleen Victoria MOYLAN b. 189-, Branxholme, Vic, m. Joseph William FROST
  11. Esther May MOYLAN 1898-1971, b. 1898, Branxholme, S-W Victoria, d. Portland, S-W Victoria, m. Gilbert James BROWN

Reminiscences by Mary MOYLAN (nee CARMICHAEL), 1923

Source : "Mortlake Dispatch" April 13, 1923

Mrs Thomas Moylan (née Mary Carmichael) sends the following reminiscences of her early days in Mortlake. She was born at Chetwynd Station, near Casterton, in 1849 and went to Mortlake with her parents six months afterwards. Her father was overseer for Mr Bourke of Lake Station. She remembers Mrs Bourke laying the foundation stone of the Church of England. Her father was the first farmer to plough land at Mortlake. At that time there were four families there – the Brooks, Dwyers, Flemings and Carmichaels. Church services were held in the woolshed of Mr Bourke. The Rev. Hamilton was Presbyterian minister. He used to preach in the different houses. Dr Russell was the Anglican minister. He was well known in the Western District and years after he officiated at her wedding at Coleraine. The Rev. Beamish was also a visiting minister in connection with the Anglican church. Mr and Mrs Bluett settled beside the Carmichaels. They had a family of three daughters and one son. The son went to the Ararat goldfields and died, his funeral being the first in Mortlake. One of the Miss Bluetts conducted school in a tent. Later on the National School was built. All scholars had to pay 1s 3d to 2s per week for their education and had to attend school half a day on Saturdays. Mrs Moylan was educated in this school. Mr Richard Jackson was the teacher. The first shop was a slab one erected by a Mr Pagan. It was a store and Post Office combined. Mrs Moylan also remembers Mr McDonald, a shoemaker, and Mr Steele, who kept the Mount Shadwell hotel. The blacks camping on the Common are also well-remembered by her and the corroborees that took place. She also took part in a welcome to Sir Henry Barclay. She has been absent from Mortlake for 59 years, having left there in the year 1864. She attained her 74th birthday on Saturday, March 31 and was unable to be present at the "Home Coming" celebrations through illness. Her present address is "Cox Street, Hamilton, Victoria."


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