James McGRATH, b. ~1827, Co Clare, Ireland, son of Michael McGRATH and Ann BRADY. His known siblings were - Mary, Patrick, Micheal, Ann, Thomas, Bridget, Catherine, Ellen, Margaret & Hanorah.

James McGRATH was one of three brothers, and five or six sisters, and their widowed mother Ann McGRATH (nee BRADY) who had occupied "Carwarp" or "Kidd's" Station on the Murray River, downstream from the present day township of Mildura. The McGRATH family appears to have held this station from 1849 to 1860.

James McGRATH was married in 1855, Mount Blackwood, Victoria to Johanna MULCAHY, b. ~1840 Co Tipperary, Ireland, daughter of John MULCAHY and Mary BOURKE and they had some children at Mildura, Corowa, NSW & Kyneton, Vic., before James McGRATH became overseer at "Muntham" Station at Carapook from about 1866-1877. About 1877 he became a farmer of Bahgallah, near Casterton and later at Strathdownie, west of Casterton, near the SA border and he died at Bahgallah in 1898. His widow Johanna died at Strathdowine in 1918 and they are both buried in the Strathdownie cemetery.

James McGRATH & Johanna MULCAHY had the following known family:

  1. Michael Stephen McGRATH b. 1857, "Carwarp" Station, Mildura, Vic., d. 1922, Perth, WA., m. Phillipa Mary Tallack NICHOLLS 1865-1937, went to "Peake" Station, N-W, Western Australia 1888. 2 children Agnes Mary & James Henry McGRATH.
  2. Mary Monica McGRATH b. ~1859, Corowa, NSW, d. 1918, Casterton, Vic., m. Patrick O'CONNELL ~1841-1900 of Bahgallah, Vic.
  3. John Patrick McGRATH b. 1860, Kyneton, Vic., d. 1927, Perth, WA., m. Ada Mary STEWART ~1873-1954 of "Peake" Station, Onslow, WA.
  4. Thomas McGRATH b. 1862, Woodend, Vic., d. 1935, Strathdownie, Vic., m. Elizabeth Caroline GLANVILLE 1863-1917, of Strathdownie, Vic.
  5. Annie Cecelia McGRATH b. 1864, Kyneton, Vic., d. 1931, Strathdownie, Vic., single.
  6. Alice Rose McGRATH b. 1867, Casterton area, Vic., d. 1948, Casterton, Vic., single.
  7. James McGRATH b. 1870, d. 1872, Sandford, near Casterton, S-W Vic.
  8. James Ignatius McGRATH b. 1873, Sandford, Vic., d. 1945, Hamilton, Vic., m. Bridjet Josephine BALKIN 1876-1950, of Strathdownine, "Peake" station, WA & Hamilton, Vic.
  9. Joseph McGRATH b. 1875, Sandford, Vic., d. .....?, ., m. ..........., of Bahgallah, Strathdownie & WA
  10. William Augustine McGRATH b. 1877, Casterton area, Vic., d. 1950, Perth, WA., m. Annie T QUEALY, of Kalgoorlie, WA.
  11. Geoffrey McGRATH b. 1878, Casterton area, d. 1948, Melbourne, Vic., m. Hanah Ellen HAMMETT 1884-1953
  12. Eileen McGRATH b. 1880, Casterton area, d. ......., ., m. 1910, "Peake Hill" Station, WA, to Albert John KING of "Seventeen Mile" Station, Onslow, N-W WA.