KOOK tombstones Darlington Point, NSW
KOOK tombstones Darlington Point, NSW
Hermann KOOK 1807-1887, born Prussia, a surveyor, emigrated from Altona, Germany on the "Zebra" on 12 Aug 1838 and arrived at Holdfast Bay, South Australia on 2 Jan 1839 with a large group of Lutheran immigrants. Many immigrants from this group established the settlement of Hahndorf, east of Adelaide. Herman KOOK is recorded as the surveyor who laid out the plan for the settlement of Hahndorf in 1839 where he was allocted block No.1.

Hermann KOOK, widower, aged 41, married Matilda Emilie Auguste MAERZ (1819-1898) at Tanunda, South Australia in 1849. Four children were born in SA from 1849-1853 before the family moved to Victoria with their last known child born in 1856 at Raglan, on Fiery Creek.

By 1874 Hermann KOOK was a Farmer at Carapook in south-western Victoria. His son Hermann had married at Carapook in 1872. Hermann KOOK, farmer of Carapook in 1874 paid 64 rates on a property in the parish of Carapook. The property was located south of Carapook towards Sandford and near the Wannon River.

John Augustus KOOK, son of Hermann & Matilda died at Chetwynd, Victoria in 1884, but most of the family moved north from Carapook in the 1870s and selected land near Darlington Point on the Murrumbidgee River.

Herman and Matilda KOOK died near Darlington Point in 1887 and 1894 respectively are buried in the Darlington Point Cemetery on the Murrumbidgee River about 35 km south of Griffith, NSW as shown in hte above image of their headstones.

Hermann KOOK and Matilda MAERZ had the following known family...

  1. John Augustus KOOK 1849-1884, b. Adelaide, SA; Farmer of Carapook and Chetwynd, Victoria; d. Chetwynd, Victoria; m.1 1871, Victoria to Catherine Frances HOWLETT 1851-1879, b. Cambridgeshire, England to John HOWLETT and Mary Ann JEX, 3 children...
    1. Arthur Albert KOOK 1872-1946, b. Chetwynd, Victoria; d. Grong Grong, near Narrandera, NSW; m. 1904, NSW to Emma LANDER 1873-1931, b. Casterton, Victoria to John Hudden LANDER and Elise Mathilde "Eliza" KOOK; d. Sydney, NSW. 4 children.
    2. Theofore Herman KOOK 1874-1938, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Griffith, NSW; m. 1905, NSW to Euphemia "Effie" FINDLAY 1876-1938, b. Chiltern, Victoria to William Lee FINDLAY and Margaret Patterson MOORE; d. Griffith, NSW. 5 children.
    3. William August KOOK 1875-1953, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Griffith, NSW; m. 1925, NSW to Amy Ellen COOK 1898-1987, b. Inverell, NSW to Richard James COOK and Bessie ....; d, ...., NSW. ? Children.
    After the death of his first wife he married agin in 1882, Victoria to Elizabeth Bridget Marie Thersa NEILSON 1863-1955, b. Melbourne, Victoria to Daniel NEILSON and Bridget Elizabeth BROWN; d. Casterton, Victoria, 1 child...
    1. Adeline Frances KOOK 1882-1930, b. Chetwynd, Victoria; d. Mornington, Victoria; m. 1907, Victoria to Walter William BULLEN 1882-1954, b. Melbourne, Victoria to Charles BULLEN and Elizabeth LAMBERT; d. Camperdown, Victoria. 4? children.

  2. Hermann KOOK 1850-1938, b. Tanunda, SA; selector and farmer of Chetwynd, Victoria and Darlington Point, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1872 at Carapook, Victoria to Elizabeth Huf MAYBERY 1852-1939, b. Gloucestershire, England to John MAYBERY and Anna Maria HUFF; d. Sydney, Australia. 7 children...
    1. William Herman KOOK 1875-1875, b. and d. Carapook (Muntham), Victoria.
    2. Marianne Augusta "Agnes" KOOK 1877-1964, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Deniliquin, NSW; m. 1910, NSW to William Thomas BULL 1867-1956, b. Darlington, Victoria to Thomas William BULL and Emily Elizabeth LANYON; d. Deniliquin, NSW. 6? children.
    3. William Herman KOOK 1879-1954, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Gundagai, NSW; m. 1912, NSW to Daisy Ida BISSETT 1878-1942, b. Mudgee, NSW to John Greig BISSETT and Annie RALPH; d. Griffith, NSW. 4? children.
    4. Matilda May KOOK 1882-1940, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1905, NSW to John Louis BULL 1873-1951, b. Darlington, Victoria to Thomas William BULL and Emily Elizabeth LANYON; d. Narrandera, NSW. 4? children.
    5. John Edward KOOK 1884-1953, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1919, NSW to Amy Rosina CRAWFORD 1883-1963, b. Lithgow, NSW to Robert CRAWFORD and Rosina ....; d. Sydney, NSW. ? children.
    6. Ann Maria "Marie" KOOK 1888-1972, b. Narrandera, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1944, NSW to Leonard Roy LANE 1913-1981, b. Sydney, NSW to John LANE and Hilda ...; served in WW2 1941-45; d. Ettalong, NSW.
    7. Francis Norman KOOK 1893-1969, b. Narrandera, NSW; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1925, NSW to Mildred May HUGHES 1892-1960, b. Pennant Hills, NSW to George Henry HUGHES and Clara CATT; d. Sydney, NSW. ? children.

  3. Eliza Matilda KOOK 1851-1929, b. Tanunda, SA; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1867 at Carapook, Victoria to John Hudden LANDER 1837-1927. 14 children.

  4. Theodore Richard KOOK 1853-1929, b. Tanunda, SA; d. Narraburra, near Temora, NSW; m. 1881 at Darlington Point, NSW to Isabella MOORE 1861-1914, b. Victoria to James C MOORE and Ellie Mary STIRLING; d. Sydney, NSW. 7 children...
    1. Ellie Matilda KOOK 1883-1969, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Temora, NSW.
    2. Theodore Leopold KOOK 1885-1966, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Temora, NSW; m. 1917, Sydney, NSW to Constance DICKSON 1877-1941, b. Tenterfield, NSW to James Gordon DICKSON and Mary Ann Thornton ECCLESTON; d. Katoomba, NSW. ? children.
    3. Ethel Isabella KOOK 1888-1974, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
    4. Herbert Gladstone KOOK 1891-1957, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Temora, NSW; m. 1930, Temora, NSW to Josephine Victoria CUSACK 1901-1980, b. Wyalong, NSW to Michael CUSACK and Carolibe Adelaide GARDINER; d. Sydney, NSW. 3? children.
    5. Arthur James KOOK 1893-1916, b. Darlington Point, NSW; Pte 37924, 22nd Depot Training Battalion, AIF; d. from Measles at Cootamundra Military Hospital, NSW.
    6. Margaret Beatrice KOOK 1894-1968, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Temora, NSW.
    7. Constance Moore KOOK 1898-1970, b. Darlington Point, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW.

  5. Augusta Agnes KOOK 1856-1939, b. Raglan, Victoria; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1881 in Hay, NSW to John McCALMAN 1842-1927, b. Argyllshire, Scotland to Donald McCALMAN and Annie McLACHLAN; search party member 1865-69 looking for Ludwig LEICHHARDT, pastoralist of NSW; d. Sydney, NSW, 5 children...
    1. Donald H McCALMAN 1882-1899, b. Dubbo, NSW; d. Warialda, near Moree, NSW.
    2. Augustus Duncan McCALMAN 1885-1962, b. Dubbo, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW.
    3. Matilda Anne McCALMAN 1887-1970, b. Dubbo, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1919, Sydney, NSW to Theodore Henry Martin PURVIS 1888-1944, b. Dubbo, NSW to Thomas Henry PURVIS and Elizabeth Mary ....; d. Singleton, NSW. ? children.
    4. Agnes Flora McCALMAN 1890-1959, b. Warren, mear Gilgandra, NSW; d. Muswellbrook, NSW.
    5. Alice Minnie McCALMAN 1893-1959, b. Warialda, NSW; d. Muswellbrook, NSW.