Johann Friedrich Heinrich Christoph "Christopher" HOLZGREFE, b. 1815 Hanover, Germany, son of Joachim Friedrich Christoph HOLZGREFE and Dorothea Elizabeth TUNDEMANN was married in 1840 to Catherine Dorothea Elizabeth BUNGE b. ~1816, Germany, daughter of ..................?

The HOLZGREFE emigrated from Hanover, Germany, in July 1854 and arrived on the 4th November 1854 at Port Adelaide, South Australia by the ship "J.W.A. Lorentzen." They first settled at Macclesfield, South Australia where they spent the first seven years, then removed to Mount Gambier, where they lived for a further five years. In 1869 the family relocated across the Victorian border to the Casterton district in S-W Victoria, where they settled farmers.

Mr HOLZGREFE died at Carapook, S-W Victoria (located on the former "Muntham" station) in 1902 and his wife in 1902, and they are buried in the Casterton New Cemetery.

Johann Friedrich Heinrich Christoph "Christopher" HOLZGREFE & Catherine Dorothea Elizabeth BUNGE had the following family:

  1. Johanna Maria Dorothea Elizabeth b. ~1841 Germany, d. 1910, Mount Gambier, SA, m. Carl Gustav Adolph KRUMMEL ~1829-1903 (large family in South Australia)

  2. Wilhelm HOLZGREFE, b. 1844 Hanover, Germany, son of Heinrich Christoph HOLZGREFE and Dorothea Elizabeth BUNGE was married in 1886 to Agnes GARDINER b. 1863, Merino, Vic, daughter of James GARDINER and Margaret TAYLOR, and had the following family....
    1. James Christopher HOLZGREFE b. 1887 Buln Buln, Vic, m. Elsie Edith SEYMOUR
    2. Linda HOLZGREFE b. 1889, Armadale, Vic, m. Victor Randall OSBORNE.
    3. William Robert Otto HOLZGREFE b. 1890, Sheephills, Vic, m. Jeanette Sinclair STEVENSON
    4. Hilda HOLZGREFE b. 1892, Sheephills, Vic, d. 1905
    5. Bertha Jeanetta HOLZGREFE b. 1895, Murtoa, Vic, m. Gilbert Thomas DODEMAIDE
    6. Agnes Adeline HOLZGREFE b. 1897, Murtoa, Vic, m. Thomas William GAUDIAN.

  3. Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig HOLZGREFE b. 1846, Germany, d. 1932, Millicent, SA, m. Maria SAPIATZER ~1851-1937 (family near Millicent, SA)

  4. Wilhelmina Auguste Dorothea HOLZGREFE b. ~1849, Hanover, Germany, d. 1927, Queensland, Aus, m. Wilhelm RITTER 1838-1895 (large family near Coleraine and in Queensland)

  5. Maria Dorothea "Julianne" HOLZGREFE b. 1852, Hanover, Germany, d. 1889, Carapook, S-W Vic., m. Abraham JOHNSTON 1830-1921. (large family in the Carapook & Sandford area)

  6. John Henry Charles HOLZGREFE b. 1856, Macclesfield (nr Strathalbyn), South Australia, d. 1874, Victoria.

  7. Paul John Henry HOLZGREFE b. ~1860, South Australia, d. 1911, Ararat, Vic, m. Louisa Henrietta Augusta GRUNEBERG ~1869-1920 (family near Merino, Vic)