Richard Charles GUTHRIDGE was born in Poplar, London on 11 Jun 1837, son of James GUTTRIDGE & Ann ILLINGWORTH. He was baptised at St. Anne, Limehouse on 2/7/1837. He had at least two siblings, Mary Ann Susannah (b. 17/4/1835) and James John (b. 19 Sep 1842), born to James and Ann Gutteridge (nee Illingworth). Richard was a merchant seaman who went to sea at the age of 14 and then made voyages on several ships including the "Albemarle", "Index" and "Severn". He travelled to Australia on the "Severn" in 1856 and was discharged from the vessel in March.

Richard GUTHRIDGE married Eliza PITTS, born 1844, Keinton, Somersetshire, England, daughter of Frederick Richard PITTS and Julia GAYLOR. Their marriage was at Wattle Hill, Portland, Australia in 1860.

Richard GUTHRIDGE, with 4 school-aged children and shown as living 1 mile NW of Carapook was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook in south-west Victoria.

The couple ultimately settled in Charam, near Edenhope, Victoria and raised 13 children. Eliza died in 1914 and Richard died, aged 97, in 1934. They were both buried in the Edenhope Cemetery.

Obituary for Richard Guthridge

Edenhope Newspaper, 1934 - Mr Richard GUTHRIDGE.

Brief reference was made in a recent issue of the death at the residence of his daughter Mrs James HADDEN, of Charam on Oct 13th of Mr Richard GUTHRIDGE aged 97 years, an old pioneer of Western Victoria. The deceased was born in East End London. His father died when he was 12 months old. When Mr GUTHRIDGE was 9 years of age, he was engaged by Capt. MOFFAT on three occasions to go to the East Indies to work on a banana plantation but his health broke down and he had to return each time. He was then engaged by Capt PIVETT to work on a ship the "SEVERN" bound for Port Adelaide. They birthed on the first "Black Thursday" (February 1851), and after discharging the cargo, returned to London. His next trip was to Portland with merchandise and stock for the Hentys. He left the ship at Portland and was employed by the HENTY Brothers in their store, the ship returning to London. When the ship came again to Portland, the sailors all deserted and went to the goldfields. Capt. PIVETT had to make up a crew of landsmen and the first to join was Mr. GUTHRIDGE. The Henty's were agreeable of him going so he again joined the "SEVERN". On the return trip the ship was loaded with stock for the Hentys and immigrants. Among the stock brought out on this trip were two horses. "King Alfred" the racehorse and Croumer the draught horse. Maurice EDWARDS of Casterton was head groom. Mr GUTHRIDGE was again employed by the Hentys on his return. Soon after he married in Portland to Miss PITTS. The couple lived in Portland for some time and after at Millicent. Mr GUTHRIDGE carted the stone for the building of the hospital at Millicent. Mt GUTHRIDGE took up land at Carapook, but in 1880 he selected land at Charam district where he lived until his death. His wife predeceased him 20 years ago. His family, Ann (Mrs J HADDEN), William (Adelaide), Sarah (Mrs Tom OUGH, Portland), Fred (deceased), Richard (deceased), Bessie (Mrs N FLOWERS, Merino), George (Digby), Nellie (Mrs HADDEN, Nareen), Emily (Charam), Julia (Mrs N BURGESS, Branxholme), Harry (Coleraine), Jack (Ullswater). The funeral was held at the Church of England, Edenhope. Pall bearers were George(son), David and Gordon OUGH, Jim and Bill HADDEN and Angus CAMERON."

Richard GUTHRIDGE and Eliza PITTS had the following family...

  1. Annie Eliza GUTHRIDGE b. 1862, Portland, Vic, d. 1959, m. James HADDEN 1855-1934.

  2. William James GUTHRIDGE b. 1864, Portland, S-W Victoria, d. 1960, Adelaide, SA, m. Susan Agnes OUGH 1866-1939.

  3. Sarah Jane GUTHRIDGE b. 1866, Portland, S-W Victoria, d. 1964, m. Thomas OUGH 1862-1940.

  4. Frederick James GUTHRIDGE b. 1868, Portland, S-W Victoria, d. 1933, m. Alice Maud Mary BYRNE 1876-1950.

  5. Richard Charles GUTHRIDGE b. 1870, Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. 1929, m. Mary SMITH 1875-1955.

  6. Hannah Maria "Bessie" GUTHRIDGE b. 1872, Coleraine, S-W Victoria, d. 1957, m. Neil Walter FLOWERS 1870-1951.

  7. George Henry "Gutty" GUTHRIDGE b. 1874, Coleraine, S-W Victoria, m1. Emma Lucy BURGESS 1875-1912, m2. Eleanor Mary HIDE 1874-1956.

  8. Ellen Louisa GUTHRIDGE b. 1876, Coleraine, S-W Victoria, d. 1962, m. William HADDEN 1864-1927.

  9. Emily Augusta GUTHRIDGE b. 1878, Coleraine, S-W Victoria, d. 1976, Edenhope, S-W Victoria.

  10. Julia Edith GUTHRIDGE b. 1880, Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. 1972, m. Nathaniel John BURGESS 1874-1965.

  11. Henry "Harry" GUTHRIDGE b. 1883, Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. 1959, Edenhope, S-W Victoria, m. Elizabeth May BIGGIN 1884-1980.

  12. John GUTHRIDGE b. 1888, Harrow, S-W Victoria, d. 1955, Portland, S-W Victoria, m. Irene Hannah CLARKE 1892-1960.

  13. Elizabeth GUTHRIDGE b. 1888, d. 1888, Harrow, S-W Victoria.