Frederick CHESLETT, b. 1847, Camberwell, Surrey, England son of Thomas CHESLETT & Mary Ann TRIBE was married in 1876, in the Parish of Beerik (Carapook - Coleraine), Victoria to Louisa PEARCE, b. 1857 in South Australia, daughter of William PEARCE & Ann WATTS.

There is some eveidence that Frederick was in Tasmania prior to 1860 before moving to Victoria. Two of his sisters Mary Ann & Ellen CHESLETT had arrived in Tasmania in 1856.

It appears from the births of their large family that the family lived in the Carapook, Coleraine, Natimuk and Goroke areas of south-western Victoria. Frederick died in 1930 and Louisa in 1949 and they are buried in the Coleraine Cemetery.

Frederick CHESLETT & Louisa PEARCE had the following known family:

  1. Ellen Ann CHESLETT b. 1877, Coleraine, Vic, m. Charles Herbert Edwin CHARMAN
  2. Frederick Arthur CHESLETT b. 1878, Coleraine, Vic, m. Martha Coradine MOORE
  3. Thomas Francis CHESLETT b. 1880, Coleraine, Vic, ........?
  4. Louisa Emma CHESLETT b. 1882, Beerik Parish, Vic, m. Charles Joseph McILROY
  5. Mary Jane CHESLETT b. 1885, Natimuk, Vic, m. Albert George PITCHER
  6. Maud Alice CHESLETT b. 1886, Goroke, Vic, d. 1905, Coleraine, Vic.
  7. Ernest George CHESLETT b. 1888, Goroke, Vic, m. Keatha May BRANSDEN
  8. William Preston CHESLETT b. 1891, Carapook, Vic, m. Mary Una COUTTS
  9. Irene Kate CHESLETT b. 1893, _____, Vic, m. Charles GREED
  10. Amelia Frances CHESLETT b. 1897, Casterton, Vic, m. Arthur TODD
  11. Elsie May CHESLETT b. 1899, Casterton, Vic, ..........?
  12. Rita Winifred CHESLETT b. 1905, Coleraine, Vic, m. Henry James STEFF