James ANDISON 1801-1882, born at Castleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland, son of John ANDISON and Betsy SCOTT.
[Researcher's Note : Betsy SCOTT was John ANDISON's second wife, and he had a total of 9 children from the two marriages, at least three of his siblings emigrated to Canada].
James ANDISON was married in Scotland to Jean JACKSON 1801-1883, born Castleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland, daughter of Simon JACKSON and Jean ELLIOTT.

James & Jean ANDISON and some of their children emigrated to Victoria on the "White Star", arriving at Port Phillip in 1857 and settling at Sandford in South-West Victoria where two of their sons, Simon & James were already living.

It appears that 20 year old James ANDISON (son of James & Jean above) and his wife Isabella OLIVER had emigrated in 1854 on the "Indian Ocean" and their daughter Hellen died on the voyage out.

John ANDISON b. 1827, Roxburgh, Scotland son of James above emigrated with his wife Margaret ROBSON and his daughter Mary Ann on the "Georgiana" in 1852. Settled around Geelong, then Harrow, then South Australia. He died at Penola, SA in 1882.

NOTE :- ANDISON became ANDERSON for some branches in this family.

James ANDISON and Jean JACKSON appear to have had the following family:

  1. Jean ANDISON b. 1823, ROX, Sct

  2. Betty ANDISON b. 1825, d. 1829, ROX, Sct

  3. John ANDISON b. 1827, ROX, Sct, m. Margaret ROBSON. John emigrated with his wife Margaret ROBSON and his daughter Mary Ann on the "Georgiana" in 1852. They settled around Geelong, then Harrow, then South Australia. John died Penola, South Australia 1882 and Margaret died in 1907 at Millicent, South Australia.

    John ANDISON and Margaret ROBSON appear to have had the following family:

    1. Mary Ann ANDISON b. 1852, Sct
    2. James ANDISON b. 1854, The Leigh (Geelong), Vic
    3. Jane ANDISON b. 1855, Co Grant, Vic, m. ___ WILLIAMS
    4. Walter ANDISON b. 1857, The Leigh (Geelong), Vic
    5. Janet ANDISON b. 1859, Harrow, Vic, m. Joseph FARE at Mt Gambier, SA
    6. John ANDISON b. 1861, Harrow, Vic
    7. Simon ANDISON b. 1863, Harrow, Vic
    8. Margaret ANDISON b. 1865, Harrow, Vic
    9. Elizabeth Catherine ANDISON b. 1867, Harrow, Vic
    10. Henry ANDISON b. 1869, Grenock, SA
    11. Beatrice Robson ANDISON b. 1874, Grenock, SA

  4. Elizabeth 'Betty' ANDISON b. 1829, ROX, Sct, m1. Andrew OLIVER, m2. William RHODES Elizabeth arrived with her first husband Andrew Oliver on the "Indian Ocean" in 1854. He died and she remarried William Rhodes in 1856 at Portland, Vic. She died in 1896. They had family at Henty & Sandford.

  5. Simon ANDISON Simon ANDISON b. c1831 Roxburgh, Scotland, son of James ANDISON and Jean JACKSON married in 1865 at Sandford, Victoria to Mary McKAY 1833-1920, daughter of Norman McKAY & Catherine MATHESON. Simon died North Carlton, Vic in 1898 and Mary died there in 1920. This couple were farming at Carapook in 1875.
    Simon ANDISON, 1 school-aged child, living 2 miles SW of Carapook was marked on the map with the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook. This Simon has also been diffficult to identify but is probably the one who was a member of the ANDISON family from the Sandford area with parents James ANDISON and Jean JACKSON. Have not been able to locate the birth of the one child mentioned on the Carapook map of 1875. Children were:
    1. Child ANDISON b. before 1875

  6. James ANDISON b. 1833 Roxburgh, Scotland, son of James ANDISON and Jean JACKSON arrived on the "Indian Ocean" aged 20 years, 1854 along with his wife Isabella OLIVER b. 1834, Roxburghshire, Scotland, daughter of Andrew OLIVER and Isabella GLENDINNING. James and Isabella had married in 1853 in Roxburgh, Scotland. He was a well known local identity and President of the Glenelg Shire. James died in 1906 and Isabella in 1895 and both are buried in the Sandford Cemetery.
    James ANDISON and Isabella OLIVER had the following children:

    1. Helen ANDISON b. 1854, d. 1854, at sea
    2. James Ross ANDISON b. 1854, Portland, Vic, m. 1899 to Martha VAUGHAN 1849-1832
    3. Andrew Oliver ANDISON b. 1857, Portland, Vic, m. 1880 to Flora Olive CAMERON 1858-1939 daughter of Hugh CAMERON and Christian CAMERON and they had the following known family...
      1. James William ANDISON, b. 1880 Sandford, Vic, m. Catherine Christine HUSSON 1878-1915
      2. Isabella Jane ANDISON, b. 1882 Sandford, Vic, m. Henry "Harry" Murray McCALMAN
      3. Ewan "Hughie" ANDISON, b. 1884 Sandford, Vic m. Sophia Mary WATERS
      4. Alexandrina ANDISON, b. 1887 Sandford, Vic, m. James Graham THOMPSON 1879-1960
      5. Christian Florence ANDISON, b. 1888 Sandford, Vic, m. George FITZGERALD
      6. Andrew Oliver ANDISON, b. 1891 Sandford, Vic, m. Mary Margaret DEE
      7. Walter Henry ANDISON, b. 1893 Sandford, Vic, m. Lily PHILLIPS
      8. Allan Cameron ANDISON, b. 1895 Sandford, Vic m. ...........
      9. Charles ANDISON, b. 1898, d. 1904 Sandford, Vic.
    4. John ANDISON b. 1859, Portland, Vic, m. 1884 to Mary SHAW and they had the following known family...
      1. Alice M ANDISON b. 1886, Wagga Wagga, NSW,
      2. Alexander T ANDISON b. 1888, Wagga Wagga, NSW,
      3. Grace M ANDISON b. 1890, Wagga Wagga, NSW,
      4. Mary I ANDISON b. 1892, Wagga Wagga, NSW,
      5. Heather ANDISON b. 1895, d.1895, Wagga Wagga, NSW,
      6. Grantley J ANDISON b. 1897, Wagga Wagga, NSW,
      7. Lindsay G ANDISON b. 1902, Wagga Wagga, NSW,
    5. Walter ANDISON b. 1861, Sandford, Vic, m. 1885 Mary Ann BUTTS and had the following known family...
      1. James ANDISON b. 1885, d. 1886 Wagga Wagga, NSW.
      2. Isabella M ANDISON b. 1887, d. 1888 Wagga Wagga, NSW.
      3. Walter O ANDISON b. 1890, Wagga Wagga, NSW, .............
      4. Austin H ANDISON b. 1892, d. 1893, Wagga Wagga, NSW.
      5. Olga M ANDISON b. 1894, Wagga Wagga, NSW, .............
      6. Marguerite ANDISON b. 1896, Wagga Wagga, NSW, ..........
    6. Henry ANDISON b. 1862, Sandford, Vic, d. 1926 m. 1896 Lucy LISTER and had the following known family...
      1. James Samuel ANDISON b. 1897, Sandford, Vic.
      2. Henry Oliver ANDISON b. 1898, Sandford, Vic.
      3. Verna Isabella ANDISON b. 1890, Sandford, Vic.
      4. Jean Sybil ANDISON b. 1903, Sandford, Vic.
      5. Walter Eric ANDISON b. 1911, Sandford, Aus.
    7. Isabella ANDISON b. 1865, d. 1866, Sandford, Vic,
    8. Jane Jackson ANDISON b. 1867, Sandford, Vic, m. Oliver ROULSTON 1864-1941
    9. William ANDISON b. 1868, d. 1870, Sandford, Vic,
    10. Simon Alexander ANDISON b. 1870, Merino, Vic, d. 1909 Bendigo, Vic m. 1900 to Mary Ellen McKENZIE and had the following known family...
      1. Isabella Janet ANDISON b. 1901, Wangaratta, Vic.
      2. James Alexander ANDISON b. 1905, Castlemaine, Vic.
      3. Nellie ANDISON b. 1908, d. 1908, Bendigo, Vic.
    11. Agnes ANDISON b. 1871, Sandford, Vic, d. 1951 Casterton, Vic m. Thomas Robert TYTHERLEIGH 1865-1943
    12. Isabella Oliver ANDISON b. 1873, Sandford, Vic, d. 1938 m. Thomas McCOMBE 1871-1958

  7. Henry ANDISON 1834-1874, b. Roxburghshire, Scotland; Henry, arrived aged 22y on the "White Star" in 1857 at Port Phillip, resided Sandford area, Victoria; Penola, South Australia; unmarried; died Adelaide, South Australia.

  8. Eliza ANDISON b. 1836, ROX, Sct, m. 1857 in ROX, Sct, William STORIE (William STORIE, aged 23, Eliza STORIE, aged 21, arrived on the "White Star" in 1857, lived at Sandford, large family)

  9. Janet ANDISON1839-1890, b. ROX, Sct; d, Sandford, Victoria; m. 1860, Sandford, Victoria to William LANE 1829-1895. (Janet ANDISON, aged 18, arrived on the "White Star" in 1857, lived at Sandford, Victoria; 3 children.)

  10. Walter Scott ANDISON b. 1841, Roxburghshire, Scotland (Walter, aged 15, arrived on the "White Star" in 1857 at Port Phillip), m. 1867 Queensland to Martha WEST; 5 children 1868-1877; in the 1870s the family was on "Lyndhurst" Station in north Queensland....

  11. William ANDISON b. 1848 Roxburgh, Scotland, son of James ANDISON and Jean JACKSON also arrived on the "White Star" aged 8 years, with his parents and some siblings in 1857. William ANDISON was married in 1876 to Isabella MURPHY b. c1855, daughter of James MURPHY and Margaret OLIVER.

    This appears to be the William ANDISON who paid rates in 1875 on a Carapook property valued at 107. William died in 1898 and Isabella in 1929.

    William ANDISON and Isabella MURPHY (ANDISON appears to have become ANDERSON) had the following children:

    1. Jane ANDISON b. 1877, Sandford, Vic, d. 1960, Melbourne, Vic., m. William RHODES 1865-1931
    2. James ANDISON b. 1879, Sandford, Vic, d. 1952, Ballarat, Vic, m. 1904, Amy Louisa GRANT.
      • WW1, Farrier Sergeant 551A
      • 21st Battalion & 14th Light Horse Regiment, AIF
      • Served at Gallipoli, Middle East, MID (Mentioned in Dispatches)
      • J. Anderson, Sandford War Memorial
    3. Margaret ANDISON b. 1880, Sandford, Vic., d. ? m. 1903 Sandford, Vic., to Ernest Hermann WILKSCH 1878- ..?..